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Horoscope – Capricorn in February From April 11 to 26, Mercury will be traveling over House IV of Capricorn, which favors family travel.

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Each time an eclipse aspects one of the planetary crosses that you bear, a narrative of change emerges — one that is repeated over and over throughout your lifetime. Lunar Eclipses, Earthly Instincts — At this lunar eclipse, there is something in you that longs to connect more deeply with the Earth, to drink from her cool waters and lay your head upon her sweet grass. Some long-ago pain has reared up and sent you packing, returning home to mother Earth for solace.

As you gaze up at the half-bitten Moon, know that the Earth is offering you something, some smooth block of marble, a piece of wood, a section of clay.

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Open your instinctive mind, and ask yourself: What is it that wants to be brought into being? And what is the right tool with which to carve it out?

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The eclipse is not visible at all. Actual eclipse visibility depends on weather conditions and line of sight to the Moon. Lunar eclipses can be visible from everywhere on the night side of the Earth, if the sky is clear. From some places, the entire eclipse will be visible, while in other areas the Moon will rise or set during the eclipse. Usually, there are two eclipses in a row, but other times, there are three during the same eclipse season. First eclipse this season: 26 December — Annular Solar Eclipse.

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Tweet Follow. Facebook Twitter. These eclipses all take place during a single eclipse season.

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The tables below contain detailed predictions and additional information on the Penumbral Lunar Eclipse of Jan Explanation of Lunar Eclipse Data Tables. Explanation of Lunar Eclipse Contacts Table. Explanation of Besselian Elements.

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The lunar coordinates were calculated with respect to the Moon's Center of Mass. Some of the content on this web site is based on the book Thousand Year Canon of Lunar Eclipses to All eclipse calculations are by Fred Espenak, and he assumes full responsibility for their accuracy.